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The first extensible communication platform, focused on providing the tools and experiences you need to run a successful community.

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    Talk with friends.

    Connect, chat, and keep track of what your friends are up to.

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    Build thriving communities.

    Whether you’re a gamer, artist, or crypto enthusiast, your community can thrive on Root. Create communities that are open to everyone or limited to just your friends.

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    Manage your communities.

    You make a community, and we provide the tools to manage it. Define roles to organize your members and assign permissions to limit access.

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    Experience new communication mediums.

    Add new experiences and tools to your community using our unique plugin system. Play games, watch movies, and much more, all live with your friends.

    • Black Jack

      Plugin 1

      Black Jack

    • Drawing

      Plugin 2


    • Movie theatre

      Plugin 3

      Movie theatre

    Display relevant information.

    Add widgets to your community to display relevant and important information.

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    Customize in one click.

    Customize your experience by changing app colors, adding animated borders, popping out windows, and so much more.

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